Thursday, August 1, 2013

YOU are worth it!

"How much is it?" That's a question I hear a lot when it comes to the Team Beachbody products. Well, it all depends on what product you're talking about. The simplest way to find out is just to visit my site and see for yourself. Don't be afraid to browse and shop the store! ;) You'll always be able to see what you're getting, and how much it will cost, in the details of each product you view!

I mentioned yesterday that some of the programs are as little as $19.95. Others are a little bit more. It all depends on what you're buying and what all comes with it. Some programs include some extras; like body bands or a mat (or P90X Recovery Formula if you're getting the P90X Peak Results Package). Then, there's things like Shakeology; which is $129.95 for a MONTH supply (FREE shipping when you decide to get it automatically shipped to you each month).

For some, the prices may seem high. However, when you think about what you're getting (and what you're doing for yourself) it's MORE than worth it! You're getting a HUGE value and it truly is affordable when it all comes down to it. Though, in this economy, I totally understand that it's sometimes hard to afford what you know is good for yourself (believe me, I know!). Sometimes it's doable and sometimes it's not. Often times, it just takes some fiscal discipline to be able to spend your money on the things that you know would be a better bang for your buck. If being able to buy Shakeology means you spend less on drive-thru junk, I would say that that's a win/win for your finances as well as your health! I'd bet if we all budgeted and audited where our money goes, we would find more room to spend on our health and fitness needs (which would ultimately free up our budget more by spending less on medical bills later!).

Grace and peace to you, my friends! If you're thinking about doing something to better your health, find a way to make it happen! Yes, the programs and supplements are definitely worth it. But, more than that, YOU are worth it!! Take care of the body that God gave you and do what you can to be at your best; not just for yourself, but for your family and those you care about. Be the best "you" that you can be! Invest in yourself and you'll see how rich the rewards are! Be infused! God bless you!!

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