Thursday, August 8, 2013

Midnight Munchies?

How do you overcome nighttime eating? That's a hard question to answer! For a lot of us, it seems to be an all too common snare and habit.

According to this article, there could be a lot of reasons (as well as solutions) for this problem. I can identify with many of them. In my opinion, I think a big reason is because we use food to occupy us and fill up our time; even in the midst of spending time doing other things. We often eat while we're watching TV, using the computer, or doing other tasks. Or, we just do it because we're bored and need something to do before we go to sleep.

There can be lots of reasons why we end up snacking at night, but we can learn to control it. The first step is becoming aware of our habits and then changing them. If you have the urge to eat when you know you're not hungry, do something else instead. Stop. Think. Evaluate your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Then, make a better choice!

Grace and peace to you, my friends! May we all learn how to be more disciplined and self-controlled! God bless you!!

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