Saturday, August 31, 2013

Grandma's Way

Today marks a year that my Grandma has been gone. So, a part of me really doesn't feel like blogging today. However, when I do think about today (as well as this being "Shakeology Saturday") it kind of makes me laugh because I think about how Grandma always used to get after us kids to eat our fruits and vegetables. When she cooked her magnificent meals, she always made sure she hit most of the food groups. She also used to ask me what "vegetable" I had with my meal whenever I would tell her about the things I cooked for my family lol. Grandma always wanted to make sure everyone was eating well!

I can't remember if I ever shared with my Grandma about Shakeology. Though, if I had, I would have kidded with her that I was FINALLY getting the fruits and veggies that I needed for the day. More than likely, she would have made a comment that my generation is so weird and has things so easy. Grandma always worked tirelessly to prep and serve all her food. She probably would have scoffed at Shakeology because she wouldn't want to believe that it could be healthy AND filling. She always wanted to make sure we were full lol. No doubt, she would have been like "what's that?" if I were holding my Shakeology cup. I am smiling just thinking about how she would probably say her piece and shake her head.

Grandma's way was always the best way; no matter what new and improved things there were out there. All of us kids knew that (and still do). Yes, my generation is busy, spoiled, and has no time to mess with doing things "Grandma's way". I'm grateful for Shakeology lol. Though, when I have time, I always try to cook and do things the way she would have (though it NEVER tastes the same). I miss her so much!!

Grace and peace to you, my friends!! If you would like to read the post that I wrote last year (which includes the bit that I shared at her funeral) you can click here. It's full of memories and stories of her and how special she was. She taught me so much; and more than just about food. Her faith and her heart continues on in each nd every one of us that knew and loved her. We remember and miss her terribly and Grandma's ways and lessons still carry on! We'll never do everything as well as she did, but we sure will try! Perfectionism was also Grandma's way lol. ;) May we all keep striving to be and do our best! Be infused! God bless you!

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