Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to Get Through the Tough Stuff!

Anyone who does a workout program (especially a very intense one) knows that it's not always easy to get through it! Sometimes, you're tired, sore, or just plain don't feel like working out. So, the question is: "how do I get through a tough workout?"

This is a question that's always in the back of my mind. There are so many times where I wonder how in the world I'm going to make it through my workout. When I feel like that, the first thing I do is pray. I can't stress enough how important it is to remember just how true Philippians 4:13 is (which is, of course, the meaning behind Infusion 413). You CAN do all things THROUGH Christ who gives you the strength to do it! Don't EVER think that you can't do something! BELIEVE that you can because that's the promise that He gives! Tap into it! Let Him infuse you!

In addition to prayer, there are a few other tips that can really help. For one, make your workouts a priority and something that is built into your day (that's what the calendar/scheduler in your Team Beachbody account is for!). I can attest to the fact that when I've got things scheduled, and I know I'm on a program that tells me which workout to do every day, I want to stick with it because I want to finish it. If I miss a day, I get REALLY annoyed (probably part of my "all or nothing" personality as well). The longer you stay in a routine, the more apt you are to stick with it as a new habit.

It also helps to have specific goals. Don't be vague! If you're just trying to "eat better, exercise more, and lose weight" that isn't a very detailed game plan. Break down those bigger goals into smaller ones. Think about the nutrition habits you want to change, the workouts you want to accomplish, and how much you want to lose. Maybe you'll have a goal to cut out soda and drink water instead or replace a trouble food with a healthy substitute. Maybe you'll want to start a specific workout program and finish it within a few months. Maybe you'll even want to set a weight-loss goal of 2 pounds a week. Whatever the goals are, narrow it down and shoot for it!

Encompassing all these things is ATTITUDE! Check your thoughts, feelings, and focus! Talk positively to yourself and challenge your excuses! Don't say, "I'm too tired and unmotivated." Instead, say something like: "I am getting stronger! I will get through this! I will feel AMAZING when I'm done and I will keep doing this so I can fit into my skinny clothes again!" Visualize yourself succeeding and then DO IT! Set out an outfit you haven't worn in years and work towards fitting into it again!

Last but not least, accountability! Workout with someone (or at least have someone to support you and cheer you on). Tell people about your goals and ask them to help you stick to it! Be willing to accept a little tough love from them when you're slacking and also be fueled by the friendly "competition" if you are working out/doing the journey together! That will really help!

Grace and peace to you, my friends! Remember, NOTHING is too tough; no matter if we're talking workouts or something else! Even if you struggle sometimes, be satisfied and content as long as you know you gave it your best! Your best effort is always sufficient and you should be proud of yourself! You can overcome and conquer anything! Be infused! God bless you!

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