Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Magic Flower

Some say that there is no "fountain of youth". There is no way to stay young and healthy forever. It's true. Aging and deterioration is a natural part of life. But what if there was a way to slow it down and maximize your health? What if you really could feel healthier, more energetic, and younger...would you want to? Of course you would! 

That's why I am such an advocate of Shakeology. You have heard me share my story before. It's as true now as it ever was. In fact, maybe even more so because I actually haven't bought a fresh supply in a while. I have been putting all my time and money into my new house that I put off getting Shakeology like I should. I'll tell you what, I can definitely tell a difference!! My pain level has been very high and my energy level has been very low. Keeping up with everything has been such a chore! It's been much more tiring than usual. It's a horrible feeling because once you get used to feeling alert, strong, and full of vigor, it's a big downer when you feel weak and like you've gotten the life sucked out of you! I feel like mother Gothel from "Tangled" who always needed her magic flower fix in order to be young, beautiful, and full of life again lol! If there ever was a REAL magic flower or fountain of youth, Shakeology is DEFINITELY it! 

Grace and peace to you, my friends! I hope you are having a great weekend! Sorry that this blog is late, but despite my pain and fatigue, I have still been working hard at getting my house ready! I'm worn out and exhausted and wishing that I hadn't decided to skimp on my Shakeology supply. I'm definitely going to have to fix that! I encourage you to try it (if you haven't already) or to go back to it if you stopped. Your body will thank you for it! Be infused! God bless you! 

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