Monday, September 2, 2013

Doing Labor Day YOUR Way!

Finally! It's labor day! Hopefully, for many of us, that means a day off to relax and rest for a while! After yesterday, my feet sure are feeling it and I definitely need it! Yet, I still managed to stay on schedule with my Focus T25 workout today and pushed through it (that was tough!).

For today, I thought I'd share something a little fun lol. For those of you that still want a light workout today, why not try prancersizing lol?! Gosh, the first time I saw this video, I was so confused! I didn't know whether it was something serious or a joke! For the record, I think she's totally serious, but I don't think anyone would actually DO this and take it seriously lol! 

Grace and peace to you, my friends!! Have a WONDERFUL labor day; whether you're resting, going for a walk to unwind, or prancersizing lol!! Do labor day YOUR way! Be infused! God bless you!! 

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