Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Focus T25 Workout Results!

There are so many perks to finishing a workout program. One of them is the fact that you can say that you did it and that you made it through! The other thing is being able to see the fruits of your labor! In my case, I just finished the basic Focus T25 program (which consists of the Alpha and Beta stages). It's a 10 week program; only 25 minutes a day Monday-Friday with Saturday being a rest day and a recommended stretch exercise workout on Sundays. I am proud to say that I have done remarkably well; considering that I did the modifications and the only real nutrition plan I had was Shakeology. I would have done even better if I had been counting calories and following some sort of meal plan, but I'm happy with what I've accomplished with  just the Shakeology and workouts alone! I have lost 11 pounds and several inches (which is about a pound a week and generally speaking, they say the safest to lose is 1-2 pounds a week so I am doing really well even without a rigid nutrition plan)!! I'm never quite sure if I measure just right, but I'm down 5 inches altogether in the thighs, waist, and hips. I've also lost nearly two inches around the chest. My bras, shirts, and pants all fit differently/better and I am THRILLED!! Therefore, I am going to continue on with Focus T25 by doing the next phase: GAMMA!! 

The Gamma phase is centered on strength. In these first few days, I'm already feeling stronger, tighter, and a little sore. It's great! I am looking forward to completing these next four weeks and then probably doing the hybrid schedule for four more weeks (which is a mixture of workouts from all three phases). So, by then, I hope to be able to have a REALLY nice "after" photo. I can definitely see a difference now, but I guess I just want to wait to post them until I've completely finished and have lost even MORE weight and look more toned. ;) 

I'm tellin' ya, people, this program is AMAZING!! I have done several Beachbody programs and out of all of them, I feel like this is probably one of the best ones! I have gotten GREAT results and the workouts (while intense) are doable and don't take that much time. I LOVE that!! I highly recommend this program!! I know that anyone that has (or is) doing it would agree!! If you've already finished the basic program, I also highly recommend continuing on with Gamma! I have really high expectations for this! I'm loving it! 

Grace and peace to you, my friends! Remember, you can do this!! Even if 25 minutes is too much of a commitment for you, you can at LEAST do 10 minutes....right? EVERYONE can do something! You just have to start SOMEWHERE! Let me help you pick a program that you'll love (and they all are guaranteed) and get you started on Shakeology as well! The proof is all right here in my own results; you don't have to be perfect to make progress! Be infused! God bless you!! 

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