Thursday, July 18, 2013

So, What is a Team Beachbody Coach?

Thursdays on this blog are going to be "Q & A Thursdays" where I'll blog some answers to frequently asked questions about Team Beachbody, nutrition, health, and fitness. Feel free to submit questions and comments! They call it TEAM Beachbody for a reason! As your coach, I want to engage with my team; not only to offer my support, but to receive support and feedback as well. We are all in this TOGETHER! Don't be shy!! Join in!! :) Hearing from you is just as encouraging and motivating to me as I hope to be to you in this coaching endeavor! When it comes down to it, we aren't just team players together, but cheerleaders (no pom poms or short skirts required lol).

One of the big questions one gets when they're a Team Beachbody coach is about coaching itself. They want to know how you become a coach, what all it entails, and what kind of money you can earn. As with any business, "it is what you put into it." ANYONE can do it! Don't think you have to be a professional fitness trainer or in perfect shape to coach someone! All it takes is a good attitude, a commitment to see yourself and other succeed in their goals, and to do whatever you can to build upon that. There are lots of coaches that went from newbies to diamond coaches in a short amount of time because they made a conscious effort to talk people, promote their business (including, but not limited to, social media), and be a good example of what they're selling. Then, there are those that sign up, do a minimal amount of work, stick around just for the 25% discount, and not much else (and maybe end up quitting altogether). For me, I've been a mixture of the two. I started out with some good momentum when I first signed up over three years ago, but a lot of life changes put coaching on the back burner for a while. I even thought about abandoning coaching completely, but I stuck with it knowing that I would one day be able to reignite what I started. I'm glad I didn't give up! Now that things are more stabilized in my life, I have more time to devote to working my business and helping myself and others (creating this fitness blog is one of those things I've had on my business "to do" list ever since I started!).

I mentioned, in my blog about modifications, that I tend to have an "all or nothing" approach to things. Sometimes, I think we can all get that way and that's why we shy away from commitment of different kinds because we feel that just because we can't do everything all at once, or have overnight success, we'd rather not try. It can also be the fear of failure as well. There's no need to jump ahead of yourself; especially if you're just starting out. Build gradually and add new elements to the business little by little. Look how long it's taken me to do this blog lol! Just start by posting your coach links to your social media pages and making posts/tweets to your friends. Share your personal success and talk about the products as you use them, take pictures, etc. Then, you can eventually add other things as you get more experienced and as time allows. Don't put too much pressure on yourself! ;)

Below, you will find a short video about being a Team Beachbody coach! Even if you aren't thinking about coaching right now, take a look anyways! I never dreamed that I would be doing something like this, but learning about various opportunities in life can often surprise you! It might spark a new passion inside you or motivate you in a way that you never expected; even if it's just in your personal every day life.

Grace and peace to you, my friends!! Thank you for reading, and don't be shy about contacting me or leaving comments here on this blog! Please, watch the video with an open mind! ;) Also, if you tried to be a coach before, and you regret giving up on it, you can always try again! You can do it! Be infused!! God bless you! :)

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