Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hip Hop Abs: Fun, Effective, and Affordable!

There are lots of factors that can cause a person to not want to workout. I think one of the biggest deterrents is that we think working out is difficult and boring. That doesn't have to be the case at all! That's exactly why the Team Beachbody programs are designed to be fun, easy to follow, and incredibly effective!

Hip Hop Abs is definitely a fun and effective program! In fact, it is one of my personal favorites! I really enjoyed it because Shaun T knows how to create a program that you not only like doing, but that gets you results too!  

Intrigued? Well, how about this?! For a limited time, Hip Hops Abs has also eliminated another obstacle: cost. The basic DVD package is only $19.95. What?!! Yep, you read that right! I think that's pretty affordable! Also, if you want to make sure you have the next level of Hip Hop Abs once you finish the first, you can opt for the deluxe package deal (which includes stage 1 & 2 DVDs) for $39.90. Both are great options, but I recommend opting for the deluxe so you have all you need. Though, if you start out with the basic one first, you can always get the stage 2 DVDs later when you're ready (currently $19.95 as well). However, I wouldn't wait too long because it's hard telling when Team Beachbody is going to stop offering it at this price!!

Grace and peace to you, my friends!! Please, check out the links in this post for all the details on the program and to place your order! You'll need a FREE Team Beachbody account so if you aren't already set up through me, please do the quick sign-up by clicking on this link (just click on "not a member?" at the top of my profile page). Don't forget to check out the video below for a preview of what's to come! I look forward to coaching you! Be infused!! God bless you!! 

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