Saturday, November 30, 2013

I'm All Shook Up!

I'm all shook up! I just can't take it anymore! It's been a while since I've had Shakeology, and it's AWFUL! My time and money has been focused so much on furnishing my new house (and making sure my bills are covered) that I have put off buying Shakeology for myself. Week after week has gone by, and I still haven't placed my order. Business has been starting to pick up for me, but it's far from steady yet. Plus, there's Christmas and all sorts of other things in which my funds have to go to. 

Yet, through all of this, I am reminded of one of my own blog entries from a while back. In it, I explained that when it comes to affordability, you really can't afford NOT to buy Shakeology. I need to take my own advice because without it, my health is really messed up! I need my magic flower! It keeps me looking and feeling young and full of energy. It banishes my food cravings, turns off my appetite, helps me with my weight-loss, keeps me regular, and supercharges my immune system (which is so important at this time of year). Never have I needed it more than now because I have been extremely exhausted; never rested enough. I've also been battling the never-ending cold which RARELY happens when I am on Shakeology. It's like a super shield from sickness (I'm not exaggerating!). It's really is THAT good! You've read my story, right? I've shared it all before! 

Thankfully, my cold is nearly gone. Though, it would have only lasted a couple days (if at all) if I had Shakeology in my system. I was fortunate enough (this time) not to have to go to the doctor for it. It's a good thing too, because I can't afford an office visit! So, you know what, this chick is going to have to get her shake back lol! I'm TIRED of feeling tired! I'm tired of my pain level being so high (yeah, it always reduced my aches and pains a LOT!). To feel alive and functional is priceless! Shakeology is worth every penny! One delicious shake a day. SO EASY!

Grace and peace to you, my friends! If you haven't tried Shakeology to see what a difference it can make for you, remember that you CAN buy a sample pack to try before you buy a bag. Also, remember that it's GUARANTEED when you do buy a bag of it! Send it back (even if the bag is empty) if you don't like it and you'll get a refund! The customer service is EXCELLENT and there's no hassle (I can vouch for this!). You have nothing to lose! Oh, and today is the last day to buy a challenge pack (workout program plus Shakeology) and get $20 off a future purchase; plus, Team Beachbody donates $20 to Feeding America. You also only have until December 2nd to capitalize on the Black Friday deals! Click on any of my links for more details! Be infused! God bless you! 

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