Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to Prevent and Fight Seasonal Illnesses

I don't know about where you live, but here in my town we've seen our first snow! It didn't stick around much, but it's definitely a sign that colder temperatures and winter weather is coming!

That also means that seasonal illnesses are likely on their way too! That's always a bummer! Who has time to be sick?! Certainly not me! However, I'm afraid I MIGHT be coming down with something. Ugh! I really don't have time for this! It makes me seriously regret that I haven't ordered my Shakeology. I had been so consistent with it (and was feeling WONDERFUL and healthy). Unfortunately, I put it off because I have been focusing on things I needed for my new house. I need my magic flower back!! :(

Until then, I will just have to do what I can to battle what I've got. I've been drinking orange juice, having a Dannon pro-biotic drink shot every day, and just had some chicken soup tonight. Plus, I've been googling for tips on how to fight whatever I've got. Hopefully, it's just a mild cold. I found this article and it has several good tips in there for how to take care of yourself. I'm sure some of it you'll already know, but there might be some things you didn't know. It says to blow your nose "the right way". Meaning, one nostril at a time because you can blow too hard and back up your sinuses and give yourself an earache. Check it out!

Grace and peace to you, my friends! I am hoping to get to bed earlier tonight and get the rest I need. Hopefully, I won't feel awful tomorrow! Here's to hoping all of you stay healthy and well! Drink your Shakeology! Trust me, it's the best preventative medicine there is!

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