Sunday, November 17, 2013

Becoming Fearless

Halloween and all the spooky stuff is supposed to be over. However, creepiness doesn't limit itself to a holiday. Frightful happenings of all kinds happen year round! So, I really shouldn't be surprised at experiencing it in my own house.

It's bound to happen. There are always going to be strange noises and odd things that USUALLY have an explanation; and you just have to get used to it (one of them being the somewhat annoying noises of my water heater). I've become more and more comfortable with my new house and have been adjusting to lots of various things. It is becoming easier to recognize when something isn't typical for my household. That's where the subject of this blog comes in.

Picture this: I'm sitting in the family room with my laptop. I'm journaling and pretty engrossed in it. I start hearing faint noises. It sounds like it's coming from the boxes of DVDs in the corner of the room. I even think I see the antique family rocking chair slightly move. I reason that I'm probably imagining things and that it's nothing. Yet, I keep hearing sounds as if something were lightly scratching the cardboard boxes. I stand up and venture towards the boxes at a safe distance. I don't know whether to be scared or to laugh at myself because I feel like a chick in a horror flick who is about ready to stupidly say, "Hello? Who's there?" I remember how ridiculous that is because everyone knows darn well that there's nothing there; and if there is, you just sealed your fate by asking lol. So, I stand there mumbling and reasoning to myself as to what the noises might be and I just wait, listen, and watch to see if anything happens. All the while, I am once again thinking that the dead silence is going to suddenly be followed by a big "GOTCHA" moment (complete with the sudden surge of scary music). I further tempt fate by slowly walking towards the boxes and standing on the couch to see if I could peer down and see anything.

Despite the weird feeling you get in your stomach when you are that nervous, I was actually fairly calm. I don't know if it was the feeling of "don't panic like some dumb girl in a movie or you'll never survive IF there really is something to be afraid of" or if I was just laughing at myself on some level because I knew I'd discover the lame source of the noises and feel like a dummy. All I know is that after I thought it through, I decided not to worry. I realized my options were pretty simple. I could either investigate the boxes and run the risk of finding a mouse or something creepy as the source of the noises (or nothing at all). Or, I could call Dad and have him come and do it (which I decided against because it was late at night; not to mention stupid). Ugh, this was one of those times where I REALLY wished I wasn't the head of the house and that there was a man around!!

At that point, I realized something. I COULD call on my father; my heavenly Father! In fact, the whole time I had everything running through my head, He was nudging me to just call upon His Name. It's funny how almost always, my first reaction is to call for my Dad. It's because my Dad has always been there to keep me safe, reassure me, and chase away my fears. His example is a reflection of what God does for me; and God is even bigger and mightier! So, calling on my Father in heaven should be my FIRST reaction.

It was like that moment that occurs in the movie where you find the secret weapon to defeat the bad guy. Standing on that couch, I raised my hand in declaration of authority in Christ; commanding out loud that whatever it was, it was under the blood and that it had no power in my home or over me. Whether a mouse or evil spirit, I entrusted it into God's hands and that everything would be fine. I picked up my laptop and took it to my room and then took my shower and went about my business as normal.

I don't know what that whole thing was about (and I have found not traces of vermin anywhere). Maybe it was just the devil messing with me and trying to stir up fear and emotions since I was already in a vulnerable state due to the journaling I was doing. All I know is that I made a choice not to be ruled by fear and to claim the power of Jesus. God promises us in His Word that He is always with us and never leaves us. There's no need to fear, so I decided I was going to believe in it with all my heart and cast any doubts aside. Faith is a powerful thing! The more you believe, the more fearless you become! It's empowering!

Grace and peace to you, my friends! I hope this experience encourages you to stand up and be courageous; remembering the authority that you have in Christ. No matter how big or small it is, let NOTHING intimidate or scare you. God is sovereign over all and He INFUSES His children with His mighty power to overcome everything! Be infused!!! God bless you!

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