Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Health and Weight-Loss Secret

It's been almost a month now since I've been on Shakeology again. Since my own personal reboot, I have noticed some positive changes in myself! I have lost several pounds and have been happily experiencing the rejuvenating effects of my "magic flower". My chronic fatigue, aches and pains, allergies, and digestive issues are continually fading as my body welcomes the complete nutrition of Shakeology and my energy and endurance levels increase. My sometimes overwhelming urges to eat (including food cravings and sweet tooth) are also disappearing once again. I feel stabilized, self-controlled, and able to just enjoy food when I'm actually hungry rather than just eating whenever I feel like it due to random desires to eat. Words just can't express the difference that I feel in myself; mentally, emotionally, and physically. Shakeololgy is just too easy! If there ever was a a health and weight-loss secret (or secret weapon) THIS is it! Of course, this is one secret that is meant to be shared! I'm not tight lipped about it lol!

As if that weren't enough, getting back into the workout groove is helping a lot as well! I have just finished my third week of Les Mills Combat (which is still on sale until the end of the month). I'm building strength, endurance, and becoming more fit; and LOVING IT! With prayer, the nutrition in Shakeology, and the aid of some Results and Recovery Formula, I'm persevering through these intense workouts! All glory to God because through Him, I'm accomplishing what I need to do! Believe me, there are MANY days where I just want to skip working out or mixing up Shakeology because I don't "feel like it". Then, I just pray and ask for the wisdom and strength to make the right choices and "stay with the fight" (and He provides it)!

Personal success makes me all the more driven to keep pressing onward toward the prize of a healthier life. It also further motivates me to share it with others! By now, most people have heard me talk about Team Beachbody programs and Shakeology so much that they are probably sick of it. Understandable. It's hard not to sound like a broken record, but I don't know anyone who can shut up about something that they're truly passionate about!! When you find something that works, you can't help but spread the word and hope to help someone else that wants to accomplish that same goal! THAT is why I do what I do; for me, and for YOU! I continue to do the programs, drink Shakeology, and be a Team Beachbody coach because I wouldn't stand behind someone or something that I didn't believe in or have personal experience with. Just like my faith in Christ, I want to keep putting all of this out there for people to see so that their lives can be just as blessed! Reaching my goals (and encouraging/helping others to reach theirs) is the ultimate satisfaction; more than any commission I earn. It's PRICELESS! Anyone who knows me knows my heart and that I yearn to be supportive and motivate others to success!

Grace and peace to you, my friends! I really hope that anyone who reads this will know that anything is possible through Christ! What He does in me (and what can be done through Him) can happen for you too! I would LOVE to be your coach and help you experience your own success story! Join Infusion 413! It's FREE! Click here and sign up at the top of this page and we'll work together on making a plan for success! I can't wait to have you on my team! Also, don't forget that if you refer someone else to the team (and they join) you'll be entered into my $25.00 Team Beachbody e-gift card drawing! You'll also get entries if you make a Shakeology purchase. Remember, you have a few options for purchasing Shakeology (and getting it at a discounted price if you become a coach). Please read this post for more information on the drawing (you only have until the end of the month to enter! That's just a few days away!). Contact me if you ever have any questions! Be infused! God bless you!

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