Sunday, March 23, 2014

What is Your Life Blood?

There were a lot of things that I was considering blogging today. They were things regarding today's sermon which was given by three of the church elders in the absence of our pastor today. I haven't had the time to process it all, or organize them into a blog the way I would like, but it has definitely been on my heart all day. It was all about being close to God; thinking about when we were closest as well as furthest away. It's something that I have thought about a lot when evaluating my spiritual walk. They were talking about how when we are distant from him, it's because our E.G.O. has gotten in the way which stands for "Edging God Out". It's definitely true because when we aren't close to Him and depending on Him, it means that we have become too self-sufficient and full of pride to "need" Him. We take care of ourselves and whatever else is going on in our lives so much that we forget our priorities.

I just kept thinking about how everything they were saying was what I have been pondering for so long. I struggle so much to balance it all. I need to find a way to build more "God time" into my day the way that I do everything else. I don't want life to be so jam packed that I feel like I have to pencil Him into my schedule. I always have an awareness of Him being with me no matter how busy I am (and pray in my heart throughout the day) but I know I need some very focused time with Him as well. I know it definitely needs to be the first priority of the day (now, to start implementing that into my "I'm not a morning person" routine lol). I can make it a habit just like anything else if I would focus and do it! After all, being spiritually healthy is the most important thing there is because it will transcend into other ares of my health and life.

Life. That was the other thing I was thinking about today as we were singing the songs about the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus is everything. His blood was His life being given out for us. LIFE is IN the blood. That's why when a person bleeds until they bleed no more, they die. That's also why we sometimes refer to things metaphorically as being one's "life blood". For what or whom do you bleed for? Is it a sports team? Your job? A person? A hobby or addiction? Drugs or alcohol that courses through the blood in your veins? What gets your blood pumping? What has become the "life blood" that you can't live without? If one can't look at their life (and where all their time, energy, and resources are spent) and say "Jesus", those other things are going to bleed us to death. That's what the world does and is: death.

Grace and peace to you, my friends. I'm deeply pondering the things that I've mentioned and I hope that you are too. It's worth meditating on because God should be our focus and life blood. Every day, we go through our routines and life has its demands, but if we don't discipline ourselves to be consumed with the right life blood, the bad blood will drain the life out of us! So, more than ever, we truly need to remember what it means to "be infused" with Christ. I say it at the close of each post; not just because it's tied in with the name and meaning of Infusion 413, but because it really is important to BE INFUSED with the Holy Spirit. Here's to hoping we can all truly ponder that more and live it out! So, yes, be infused! God bless you!


  1. Absolutely agree! What helps me is my bible app on my phone and tablet.. it will give me reminders on a regular basis, and suggest a few verses / passages to read. It always helps to calm me down if feeling stressed, comfort me when I'm overwhelmed and strengthen me when I don't feel like "walking any further". Excellent blog!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment, Rhetoric! I appreciate it! Hope to hear more from you and know more about you!

      I do have that app (and it gives me reminders) yet I still procrastinate and think "ah...later...". I definitely need to just do it!