Saturday, March 15, 2014

Infusion 413's Special $25 Gift Card Drawing!

Did you know that Shakeology has now been around for FIVE YEARS now? Isn't that awesome?! Happy birthday, Shakeology! May you continue to make this world a healthier and tastier place!

I remember when I first tried Shakeology; I was hooked! It's amazing stuff; over 70 ingredients packed into one tasty meal replacement shake! My favorite flavor, as you might recall, is CHOCOLATE (big surprise, huh lol?). Though, I am VERY eager to try the NEW strawberry flavor (my order should arrive any time now!). If you haven't tried Shakeology for yourself yet, what are you waiting for?! :) Do you remember my Shakeology post featuring Master Yoda lol? Yeah, take a look at that one and then give me a reason why you haven't ordered some! You may also notice that I updated the part of that post concerning the Shakeology Sampler because it NOW includes a serving of the new strawberry! Yep, you get to try chocolate, vanilla, greenberry, AND strawberry all in one convenient sampler! It's only $19.95! Why not?! :)

Here's one more reason for you to try Shakeology. In honor of Shakeology's birthday, I want to have a special drawing! If you would like to win a $25.00 Team Beachbody e-gift card to use in the Team Beachbody store (subject to Team Beachbody's gift card terms and conditions) this is what you need to do:

1. Make sure you have a FREE Team Beachbody account with me! If you already do, great! If not (and you don't already have a coach) you can sign up for FREE by clicking "not a member?" at the top of my profile page.

2. After officially joining my team, visit my page and click "shop" to place a Shakeology order. If you buy the sampler, bag, or box of Shakeology, you will get one entry into my drawing. If you buy Shakeology on home direct (monthly auto shipment) you'll get TWO entries! I will also give you another entry if you refer a friend to me and they join my team (if they place a Shakeology order, I will give you another entry for that too; plus they'll be getting their entries as well!). If you are currently on Shakeoloyg HD with me, you've already got two entries in the drawing (THANK YOU for being a loyal team member and Shakeology customer!).

That's all there is to it! This special offer is valid from today until March 31st! When March ends, I will compile the entries and make a video in which I draw a name and announce the winner of the e-gift card (I'll post the video here on my blog and on my Infusion 413 YouTube channel). The winner must have a valid email address so the e-gift card can be sent to them. I haven't determined an official date of when I will make/post the video, but it will probably be sometime within that first week of April.

Grace and peace to you, my friends! THANK YOU for allowing me to be your coach and for being on Team Infusion 413! I appreciate it so much! I'm really excited about offering this drawing! I hope you are too! No matter what, you'll definitely win big when you start drinking Shakeology! :) Be infused! God bless you!


  1. I'd love to enter, but I can't afford to buy in order to enter. Oh, well! I have another friend who loves the stuff, too. :)

    1. The sampler pack is the cheapest. Though, a referral is worth an entry too. No purchase required. :)