Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Getting Geared Up!

When it comes to working out, it's essential to have the basics in order to get moving. Workout clothes, supportive shoes, and a water bottle are absolute "must haves". Sometimes, you might even get some other extras like a music player to listen to while you run, a heart rate monitor to track time/calories burned/etc., or equipment of some kind. Whatever it is that you need, it all helps you attain your fitness goals!

This is why Team Beachbody has added several new choices to their men's/women's apparel line (including Shakeology, Focus T25, and P90X3 shirts!) as well as HUGE savings on their stability ball, stability ball/medicine ball combo, and the Tai Cheng Rumble Roller. Click on any of those links to view the product or visit and click on "shop" to browse the store for whatever you may need (including Shakeology shaker cups)!

Grace and peace to you, my friends! Remember, you can always get a FREE T-SHIRT every time you complete a Team Beachbody program (and be entered to win cash and prizes too!). Simply sign-in to your account (sign up for FREE if you don't already have one) and click on the "Beachbody Challenge" tab at the
top to submit your "before" & "after" photos and they will mail you the corresponding t-shirt of the program you've completed! Yep, it's that easy! I got one for completing Focus T25! Once I complete Les Mills Combat, I'll get a shirt for that one too! All I have to do is "Stay with the fight" (as they say in the workouts). I'm really sore after these first few days of the program, but I'm going to keep pushing through! I got my Shakeology and my Results and Recovery Formula (and the amazing power of prayer) to get me through! I'll make it by the grace of God! ;) Be infused! God bless you!

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