Monday, December 16, 2013

"Home" for the Holidays

Every time our worship leader shares a personal story, I always tear up. His stories always grab at my heart and resonate so deeply. Yesterday was no exception. Dennis broke the bittersweet news of his father-in-law's passing to the congregation. He mentioned that while it was sad to lose him, it is great for heaven to gain him. He said that years ago, his father-in-law spent a lot of time mentoring a young man. Sometimes, it got to the point where his wife would call the church office, ask if he was there, and then say that he needed to come home. Dennis said that his father-in-law had been at death's door for a while. Finally, God called him up and said that he needed to come home.

I was all teared up thinking about that concept; about how we are all lingering on earth fulfilling God's purpose. Then, the time comes where we get called to go to the home where we truly belong. It just overwhelms me to think about how amazing it will be!

It also blows my mind to think of Jesus being sent from that amazing home to this sinful earth; just so we could be there with Him someday. This is the season where we pause to think about all of that; to think about the hope that humbly entered this world. We watched this short video which reminds us of that simple fact. There are a lot of things that sometimes get mixed in with the Christmas story. There may be a lot of things that aren't "politically correct" in how we celebrate it, but all that truly matters is that we GET IT. We need to get the simple fact that God sent His son, Jesus, to this earth to give us hope and salvation. He was born with the sole purpose to die.....for US! Because of Jesus, we can go "home".

Grace and peace to you, my friends! I hope that this video fills you with hope and that you'll take joy in the fact that someday, you'll get to go "home" as well (if you've made that decision for Christ). I know that many of you are probably remembering those that have already gone home (I'm thinking of my Grandma a LOT!). You might also be greatly anticipating the joys of being "at home" with the ones you love during the holidays. Enjoy it! Celebrate life and hope with your families in this temporal home we call "earth" and look forward to the eternal one in heaven! I know I am! I may be enjoying the new house that I've been blessed with, but it will never be "home" like the place He is preparing for me! Be infused! God bless you!

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