Monday, December 23, 2013

Do We Know?

Yesterday, I shared about our church sermon and how Christmas all boils down to "God is with us." Our pastor challenged us to stop and ponder the miracle and gift of Jesus. He mentioned this song, "Mary Did You Know?", which describes the many things that Mary must have pondered about her son. Those of us that are parents know what she must have been feeling; to hold her first born, to admire his perfect features, and to think about his life ahead. Now, imagine that that child is the Son of God. Everything is that much more magnified! Pause and think about it. Take it all in!

Grace and peace to you, everyone! I won't be blogging again until Friday. I hope you all have a blessed Christmas and that you are blessed by the things that you ponder and know about Jesus! Be infused...and inspired! God bless you!!

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