Monday, May 12, 2014

Don't Watch These Videos!

All three of the videos for "The Perfect Execution" series are NOW available! I know what you're thinking. There are all sorts of videos and sermons out there and everyone is saying, "Oh, you got to watch this one! It's so good!" I've had friends and family members recommend things to me in the past as well. Sometimes I get around to listening, reading, or watching it and sometimes I don't. Though, when I do, I'm usually pretty glad I did!

Below, you'll find the video for the last part of the series. Here are the videos for part one and two if you haven't seen them yet (be sure to subscribe to The Vineyard Community Church on Vimeo!). I won't say that you MUST watch them because maybe you aren't like me at all. Maybe you've never had a problem understanding God's grace or the fact that you don't have to earn your way into God's favor. Maybe it's all been easy for you to grasp and you've never felt (or been) legalistic, fearful, unsure, or had a hard time figuring out what it means to be forgiven and your sins paid in full. But, if you ARE like me, you HAVE had those moments of wondering if you're "enough" and if you're going to "make it" to heaven; wondering if your efforts will get you where you hope to be. If any of this sounds like you, watch this series! It has really been helpful in reaffirming to me what it means to be dependent on grace and not on myself. Chris had told me many times that Pastor Kent was good at explaining things in really relevant ways and is able to break things down to where people can understand. He's absolutely right! I love his preaching style and I am absolutely loving the Vineyard Church! Buuuuut...don't watch these videos. They're probably not for you. ;)

Grace and peace to you, my friends! I hope you had a blessed weekend! I sure did! It was busy and tiring, but full of family and good times (as well as those handmade Mother's Day cards lol). I'm so blessed! The Mother's Day sermon was outstanding too; can't wait for that to be uploaded because it talks about the femininity of a woman. Very interesting! Be infused! God bless you!

The Perfect Execution: Part 3 - Freedom from Vineyard Community Church on Vimeo.

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