Saturday, April 26, 2014

How to Have Fuller Health AND a Fuller Wallet!

We all go through tough financial times where we are searching for things to pare down on (or cut out completely) in order to save money. We all have bills to pay and mouths to feed, so there's a lot of things that get nixed from the budget in order to make it.

There have been lots of times I have "nixed" Shakeology in order to save money. I reasoned that it was something that I didn't LIKE to go without, but COULD do without for a while. Every time I did, however, I realized just how hard it really was to be without my "magic flower". I felt tired, hungry, craved junk all the time, and stayed overweight and constipated a lot (yuck!). Not only that, I also realized just how much money I was SAVING with Shakeology because I was spending MORE money without it! It's hard to put an exact figure on it, but let's attempt to crunch some numbers, shall we? For me, it averages to about $3.00 a day; non-coaches, $4.00 a day. I will go with the non-coach amount for this breakdown of costs:

Shakeology: approx. $4.00/day = $120.00/month. This has given me improved health and immunity, more energy, decreased/eliminated cravings, stabilized appetite, regularity, and better/clearer skin. I have also blogged in the past about Shakeology and the glycemic index. There have been people who have reported reversed diabetes, or that other medical issues (like high cholesterol) has been minimized or eliminated. Google for testimonials and see for yourself; or check the Team Beachbody message boards! I can't imagine how much money those people now save in medication/insulin alone! That's a HUGE trade off and makes Shakeology MORE than worth it!

Ok. Now for what it costs me when I "do without" Shakeology: I end up buying Activia or DanActive to try and get some pro-biotics (which aren't nearly as good or high quality as Shakeology). That's about $6.00 or so for a week's supply. Times that by 4 weeks, and you have $24.00 a month. Add that to a bottle of multi-vitamins (which, again, isn't as complete or high quality as Shakeology) and you probably have another $20.00 per month (if not more) in vitamins. So, $44.00 a month so far. Now, add in a possible doctor visit for illness since I get sick more often when off of Shakeology. That's at least a $30.00 copay (if not more; especially if you don't have insurance!). $74.00 total now. That's not counting the medicine you you pay for; whether prescription or over-the-counter remedies for illness, constipation, etc. Let's just be lenient here and say you spend $50.00 a month in this area. We are now at $124.00 which is more than that $120/month for Shakeology...and that's just the low-ball GUESS! All of those figures are just a very rough estimate; and that doesn't even factor in all the junk food, eating out, and other miscellaneous things that one likely spends money on because of never feeling satisfied and having food cravings that are out of control.

What do you spend on soda, chips, cookies, ice cream, etc. in a month? All those things are stuff that you can (and SHOULD) cut out of your food budget; saving you money AND your health! When you're on Shakeology, you won't even want that stuff anyways! Oh, and here's another one: cigarettes and alcohol. Talk about a money/health sucker! Cut THAT out! If you're smoking a pack a day, that's probably five bucks a day right there that you could be saving (which would MORE than cover the cost of a bag of Shakeology). Same thing with excessive alcohol consumption; that's a big drain on your health and wallet! Don't drink like a fish; unless it's some good old H2O!

Have I made my point? Crunch your own numbers and see what kind of benefits you could be getting and how much money you'll be saving (even MORE so if you become a coach! You'll even MAKE MONEY!!). As I once said before, when it comes to your life, health, and saving money, you can't afford NOT to buy Shakeology! Don't you think that it's MORE than worth a try by now?! If I can make it work (and if this other single Mom and her really awesome tips can make it work) so can you! In fact, if you need HELP making it work for you, just let me know and I will do what I can to help you come up with a plan! It's doable; trust me! :)

Grace and peace to you, my friends! I hope that crunching some numbers has given you a picture of what you'd be dealing with on either side of the coin. If you have any other questions, just ask! Here's to hoping that you'll decide that better health and a fuller wallet is something you can live with! Be infused! God bless you!

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