Monday, April 14, 2014

Fiery Love

Yesterday, when the kids and I were visiting the Vineyard church, the worship band played the song "Fiery Love". My boyfriend (who plays the drums in the worship band) has often told me that it's his favorite song to play. Not only does he like to completely let go and rock out when he plays it, but he always puts his heart and soul into playing for the Lord. He's always told me that he plays with "reckless abandon"; remembering he only really has an audience of one. When members of a worship band play with that heart and attitude, it shows. It enables you to connect with God that much more because their hearts are lining up with God's heart; making it about Him and not the music/performance itself.

Apparently, Chris's aunt also noticed this. She remarked later that while she was observing Chris play, the guitarist had stepped in a way that blocked her view of him. She was wanting to continue to watch Chris, but God was urging her to stop and listen. It was then that she said she could feel the passion and the intensity that was being put into the song. God had told her that he was playing the intensity of His (God's) heart. What a beautiful thought!

The video below is the song "Fiery Love". There are no drums, no Chris, no worship band, but the man who is singing and playing his guitar is singing with deepest sincerity and passion. You can feel it in the beautiful lyrics of the song. That's how it should be. When we worship the Lord, it's not about the music, the people singing it, or anything else. It's about passionate and sincere hearts praising and honoring the Sovereign Lord. Think about the words as your prayer to Him and sing it from your heart!

Grace and peace to you, my friends! May we all be inspired to give our hearts over to God in adoration and worship in all we do; experiencing the wonder of his fiery love for us! Be infused! God bless you!


  1. I do INDEED love playing this song!! Every time I play it, I get goosebumps and at the same time, I feel an inner-warmth (not caused by the physical exertion of drumming..), like my "soul's antenna" is receiving directly from God's own heart.

  2. It shows!! :) Everyone can feel it!