Saturday, February 1, 2014

"There is no 'try'!"

Whether you're a Star Wars freak like me or not, you've got to see the truth in Master Yoda's wise words! "Trying" something, anything, is basically a safe word meaning "maybe" and "halfway". Where does that even get you? Nowhere! You're either in, or you're out! Do it, or don't! "Trying" keeps you stuck. Get out of the "try" trap! Just DO it! DO that exercise program. DO make better choices to eat well and stay healthier. DO! Or, do NOT and stay where you are....but there is no "try". 

This is what goes through my head every time someone says they want to "try" a Team Beachbody program (or Shakeology). As a coach, I KNOW that there is no "trying". You either want it or you don't. Just THINKING about a change isn't what is going to MAKE the change! It all starts with a decision. That's part of the Team Beachbody motto: "Decide. Commit. Suceed." Once you make that definitive choice, you're on your way to moving forward (or going backward if you decide to do nothing. Not to decide IS to decide). 

I know deciding can be tough, but that's why I'M here! Having support is crucial, and that's why I'm a coach! I want to help you take that next step! I'm on the same journey as you are! I know how you feel! It's tough, but you can do it! 

So, what have you been wanting to "try" that you haven't made the choice to "do" yet (and what is holding you back)? Let's start with Shakeology. After all, that is probably the biggest thing that most people tell me that they want to "try" but they never follow through with; even though it couldn't be simpler! Here are your options: 

  1. You purchase a 7 day sampler . - In the 7 day sampler, you will get a week's worth of Shakeology; one serving of each of these flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, greenberry, cafe latte, vegan tropical strawberry, and vegan chocolate. This is a GREAT way to see what flavor you might like (and how good you will feel) when you decide to buy a full month of Shakeology! If you're starting with the simplest and smallest decision, this is it! *NOTE* I updated this from the "sampler pack" to the "super sampler pack" on 3/17/15. It's now the "7 day sampler" and I updated this blog to reflect that on 2/1/17.
  2. You buy your first bag of Shakeology. - The perk is, you REALLY don't have anything to lose! Shakeology is GUARANTEED! If you don't like it, send it back for a refund (less s&h) - even if the bag is EMPTY! Team Beachbody customer service is hassle free (I've dealt with them before, and they are awesome)! No worries! Just think, you can basically get a nearly FREE BAG of Shakeology! So, if the risk of trying something and not liking it scares you, this will make the cost VERY minimal for you! *If you want my person opinion, the chocolate is the tastiest and the best! It's my favorite!*
  3. Continuing to buy Shakeology. - You bought it. You love it. You can't live without it now! So, now you might be trying to figure out how to factor it in with your monthly budget. Your BEST option is to become a coach and get your Shakeology auto-shipped (home direct). That way, you get your 25% coach discount on Shakeology (and all Team Beachbody products) plus lower-cost shipping by being on home direct. Plus, you will earn income as a coach through commissions when others buy products through YOU! Getting just THREE people on Shakeology home direct will cover the cost of your own Shakeology expense! Everybody wins! Or, if you don't want the discount, extra income, or the thrill of helping others right now, your best option is making sure you are on Shakeology home direct so you can at least get the lower-cost shipping. 
There you have it! No excuses!! :) Actually, the same goes for the workout programs too! They are also guaranteed! If you don't like it, send it back within the time frame specified with that particular program and get a refund (less s&h). I've done that before, and I didn't have any problems getting my money back! And, like with Shakeology, you get your Team Beachbody programs at a discount when you're a coach (I LOVE that perk!). Or, if the discount and extra income still doesn't interest you, you can still just buy the programs outright (or wait/hope for a sale on what you want). I'll keep you updated on those things! Make sure you're on my team! Click here to sign up for FREE (click "not a member?" at the top of the page) and I'll be your coach! :) 

Grace and peace to you, my friends! I hope that this post has helped you get a step closer to deciding to "do" something for yourself instead of just "trying". You CAN do this; and I'm here for you! Be infused! God bless you! 

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