Sunday, February 9, 2014

Superhuman vs. Being a Super Human

Sometimes, you are reminded of the fact that you are human and can't do it all by yourself. Life has many demands on your time and resources and it's hard to handle. Tasks get put off and/or forgotten and before you know it, you're scrambling to catch-up and make-up for lost time.

Today, I was thinking about all the things that haven't gotten done; a few dishes in the sink, never-ending laundry, my shaggy headed son needing a haircut, and Friday and Saturday's blog posts that I totally forgot to compose (sorry about that!). Despite my best efforts to be superwoman/mom, I fall short. It just can't always be accomplished.

It's in moments like these where I have to just stop for a moment and reflect. If you're like me, I'm sure you can relate (especially other fellow moms out there). It's absolutely necessary to truly stop and shift your focus. For me, it was acknowledging what actually DID get done and remembering where the priorities were. As long as my time, attention, and resources went to what was most important, I can relax and remember that I did a LOT because I did what mattered most.

So, what DID I get done? Well, I made sure my kids got to school every day (unless it was canceled...then I had new arrangements to deal with). I made sure their homework was done, sibling dynamics were neutral, meals were given, clothes were laundered (though this never ends!), and bedtimes were observed. The job of a mother isn't a "paid" position in terms of currency, but it certainly pays off in other ways! So, that job is a BIG DEAL and MUST be done - always. I may not do it perfectly (see prior shaggy-headed comment) but I make sure the major parenting stuff is covered! ;) All that while having to make sure I work my other two jobs (the ones that DO pay the bills). I'm a Team Beachbody coach, but have not reached the point to where I can be like some of the other coaches that don't need a "day job" anymore. So, I keep on juggling both. ;)

Chris and I at the wedding reception;
the first time he has ever grinned ear to ear like that
for one of our pictures together! Priceless!
In the midst of all that, I still try to make sure I stay connected with family and friends. I also make sure that I'm continuing to be a good girlfriend to the wonderful man that always places me in the highest of priorities in his day-to-day life. This past weekend, he once again drove over an hour to be with me and insisted on taking me out to a nice dinner for our early Valentine's Day. Then, after my shift the following day, I finally got the chance to return the favor by experiencing the long drive to "his turf" lol. I was beyond honored to go with him to a wedding reception for a good friend of his as well as spend a lot of quality time laughing and visiting with his parents for the first time. Then, I drove all the way home in mildly treacherous winter weather; happily exhausted from such a long day.

After reflecting on all of that, I don't beat myself up as much over the "little" things that are still begging for my attention. After all, dishes, clothing, and the blogosphere will always be there (and be a continuous, regenerative, greedy vacuum that wants to consume my time). I could never feel too guilty about putting those things on the back burner, but I WOULD feel guilty if I made the truly important people/events/etc. wait! I may have come home to the sink and laundry hampers that mock me, but  you know what? Who cares! Who REALLY cares? Those things are nothing but "filler" in my life. The meat and potatoes, the things that matter most, are the very things that got the most of my being this week/weekend. Through it all, God was right there; carrying me through, listening to every prayer, and providing everything I needed (Casey even came home with a fresh haircut when I picked him up from his Dad's! So grateful for that little surprise blessing!).

Grace and peace to you, my friends! It is my hope that we all can remember to enjoy what matters most in life and never beat ourselves up for the little things that will never matter when our lives end. The legacy we leave, and the impact we have on this world/people, last a lot longer than a haircut, clean dishes/clothes, or a blog post. Though, this may be one of the blog posts that people will remember when I die...who knows lol! ;) Sharing this was definitely time well spent! The dishes and laundry can wait yet another day (especially since my wonderful Dad is going to fix the leaky sink tomorrow!). See, even the sink itself gave me permission to focus on the important stuff. It knows where it stands lol! Doing your best doesn't mean being superhuman, but a SUPER human! Yeah, there IS a difference! Be infused! God bless you!

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