Wednesday, September 23, 2015

We Won't Quit!

Finally! I have a moment to post something! It will be short (rare, I know lol) but I wanted to at least take a moment to assure everyone that reads this blog that Chris and I are STILL persevering with Piyo! Like I mentioned in my previous post, it's sometimes a struggle for me to keep going. However, I push forward no matter what!
Sweaty Selfie!

I'm so glad that I haven't given up and that Chris and I have been encouraging each other to push through it (even Chalene Johnson has liked our photos on Instagram!). We are seeing a difference in our strength and endurance levels. We look and feel better and are transforming and improving every day! We have been pushing through no matter how tired and busy we are!

Speaking of busy, that's another reason I haven't posted (well, not on this blog anyways). I've posted a couple things on my original blog. Please take a moment to read those posts if you haven't already because they're really important! If you ever wondered what I would look like without makeup or even without hair (I'm not kidding!) you'll want to read about how you can get me to shave my head!! You could even win your own copy of Piyo or Shakeology as well! Read the post for all the details!

Grace and peace to you, my friends! I'll leave you with this amazing video that often plays out in my head when I'm working out (it's from the movie "Facing the Giants" which is a MUST SEE!). It encourages me to give my all, persevere, and to NEVER give up!! :No matter what, we won't quit; and that applies to everything in our lives! Anytime you feel like you can't go on, just think of this and "DON'T QUIT! DON'T QUIT!" Do your best...your VERY BEST!! KEEP GOING! DON'T GIVE UP! You can do it and God is right there supplying you with what you need to accomplish it! Be infused! God bless you!!

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